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How to Relieve Stress

  1. Mindful food shopping: A simple "hack" for reducing stress eating is to make thoughtful decisions in the supermarket aisle. If it's a food you are likely to turn to during times of stress, consider not buying it.

  2. Meditation or relaxation techniques: Practicing deep breathing or conscious awareness of your thoughts and body can help reduce tension and regulate your emotions.

  3. Exercise: Exercise releases endorphins, hormones that reduce stress and boost feelings of happiness. Regular exercise can help us manage our emotions in healthier ways rather than turning to stress eating.

  4. Mindful eating: Focusing non-judgmentally on the taste, texture and overall experience of what you are eating without watching TV, looking at your phone or other multitasking can strengthen your mind-body connection. It can help you cultivate gratitude for refueling your body, choose healthy food options and end a meal after naturally feeling full.

  5. Social Support: Social support from family members or friends can provide us with an outlet to share our feelings and experiences with people we trust.

  6. Journaling: Keeping a personal journal can be a helpful way to identify our emotions, process our thoughts and recognize triggers.

  7. Taking to a professional: A behavioral health specialist can work with you to develop healthy stress management strategies, identify triggers and provide guidance on making positive lifestyle changes.

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Reference: This information on how to relieve stress is by Justin Kei, M.D. under emotional harmony - supporting your emotional and mental health.

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